✨The New Era of AI-Enhanced Customer Service

AI-first represents a revolutionary approach to customer service. The Sharurai Xbot platform is powered by AI, offering instantaneous support from AI agents, quick answers for human agents through AI copilots, and immediate AI-driven insights for support leaders.



Empower Your Business with Sharurai's Personalized AI Chatbot. With exclusive intent feature that understand the customer behaviour and show the intent card.

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Get ready, early adopters! We have something huge in store just for you. Mark your calendars for May 15th as we unveil an exclusive announcement that will elevate your experience with us to new heights. Stay tuned for more details and be prepared to be blown away!

Event link will be available soon!

What's new and why XBot?

Advance Intent Finder

Seamless Bot-to-Human Transition

Flexible control

Editable Knowledge Base

Cost efficient

Multi-user facility to better interact remotely

And more...

📢 Great news- Now you can use your own OpenAI API key.

Now get more out of XBot.

live chat

Live Chat

Real-time Customer Engagement: With SharurAI Xbot’s Interactive Live Chat, customers can witness ongoing conversations between the bot and themselves, ensuring transparency and building trust.

Seamless Bot-to-Human Transition: Intervene and start chatting directly with customers whenever you choose, seamlessly transitioning from AI-driven interactions to personal assistance.

Flexible Control: Maintain control over conversations, switching between AI and human support as needed, ensuring a smooth and personalized customer experience.

Ticketing and Email Management

AI-powered ticketing and email management solutions are revolutionizing business communications.It capture message context and sentiment, prioritize based on urgency, and even automate responses to common questions. This boosts response speeds and allows human agents to tackle complex matters, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Experience SharurAI Xbot


Input Processing

The Chatbot Receives User's Message Or Query And Uses NLP


Holistic Perception

The chatbot now anlayzes old conversation and look into its knowledge base for gathering information


Generate Response

With the help LLM, the chatbot generates response


Message Delivery

Chatbot then delivers the generated message to the end user.

Explore The Feautres Of SharurAI Xbot


Find your customer's intent

With SharurAI Xbot, you can find what your customers are actually looking for and recommend products accordingly. It increases your sales and engagement.

Live insight visuals on Dashboard

The Live Insight Visuals feature on the Sharur AI Chatbot dashboard provides real-time graphical representations of user interactions and chatbot performance, enabling quick and easy monitoring and analysis in a glance.


Customize behaviour and appearance

Customize Sharur AI chatbot's behavior and appearance to suit your needs and brand identity, offering a tailored conversational experience that aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience.

Collect leads

SharurAI chatbot simplifies lead collection with easy drag-and-drop form creation, streamlining data capture for efficient customer engagement.

Mailchimp's new, whimsical look | Inside Design BlogMailchimp integration allows your chatbot to seamlessly transfer your leads to your Mailchimp account.

lead form
multi document

Multi document and URL support

Sharur AI Chatbot's knowledge base seamlessly integrates various document formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX) and web content (URL), offering a comprehensive repository for information retrieval and enhanced user interactions.

Customizable Knowledge Bases

Easily create, customize and switch between your knowledge bases. Use your Notion account integration to get additional advantage.

knowledge base

Multi language support

Multi-language support in customer service is crucial for global reach. With Sharur AI chatbot, seamless multilingual interactions enhance user experience, ensuring efficient question-answer exchanges across diverse languages.


Multi channel support

Multi-channel support with SharurAI chatbot seamlessly integrates platforms like WordPress, WhatsApp, Zapier, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, web, Slack, and Waspnote, ensuring efficient communication and engagement across diverse channels for enhanced customer interactions and business growth.

Whatsapp, Shopify, WooCommerce and Slack are Comming Soon..

Assign Groups & Members

Group and member management for ticketing and chat platforms is essential for organizing communication and support operations, especially in larger organizations. Effective management entails creating structured groups based on departments, expertise, or specific project teams, ensuring that tickets and messages are directed to the right personnel swiftly. Each group should have designated members with defined roles and permissions to handle tickets and engage in chats, streamlining the resolution process.


SharurAI API

SharurAI offers a dedicated API for each chatbot, empowering developers to create custom solutions. This feature enables seamless integration of chatbots into various applications, websites, and services, expanding their functionality and tailoring them to specific user needs. It fosters innovation and versatility in AI-driven interactions.

Comming Soon...

Integrate Seamlessly



✔ 5,000 Message credits
✔ 2 Chatbots/month
✔ 100K tokens/month
✔ 2 Intent/chatbot
✔ Advance analytics
✔1 Group
✔2 Team Members
✔3 Email Integrations
✔ Mailchimp integration
✔Whatsapp coming soon...
✔Messenger coming soon...


✔ 20,000 Message credits
✔ 5 Chatbots/month
✔ 500K tokens/month
✔ 5 Intents/chatbot
✔ Access to GPT-4
✔ Advance analytics
✔3 Groups
✔6 Team Members
✔10 Email Integrations
✔ Mailchimp integration
✔Slack integration coming soon...
✔Whatsapp coming soon...
✔Messenger coming soon...


✔ 50,000 Message credits
✔ 10 Chatbots/month
✔ 1 Million tokens/month
✔ 20 Intent
✔ Access to GPT-4 and all Claude-3 variants
✔ Advance analytics
✔10 Groups
✔15 Team Members
✔30 Email Integrations
✔ Mailchimp integration
✔Slack integration coming soon...
✔Whatsapp coming soon...
✔Messenger coming soon...
✔No Watermark

$10/200K Tokens
On demand

$10/20K messages credits
On demand

Latest Blog Post


Sharuai is a SaaS platform that offers an AI chatbot capable of seamlessly integrating with websites through various methods. It can be embedded directly onto any page using an iframe, or as a chat bubble through embeddable JavaScript. Additionally, Sharuai provides a WordPress plugin for quick integration with WordPress-powered websites.

Sharuai is designed to enhance business communication and customer service. Key features include:

  • Intent-based messaging: The AI chatbot understands and responds based on the intent of the customer’s message.
  • Ticket creation: It can automatically generate tickets from customer queries to help businesses track and resolve issues efficiently.
  • Lead generation: Sharuai captures potential customer information, helping businesses expand their customer base.
  • AI email replies: It offers automated, intelligent responses to emails, saving time and improving response rates.

Businesses can explore a variety of tools and features within Sharuai to improve their customer interaction, streamline support processes, and enhance overall efficiency. With its easy integration and powerful automation capabilities, Sharuai can help businesses better manage customer interactions and expand their reach.

Sharuai can be integrated into your website in several ways:

  • Iframe: Directly embed the chatbot into any webpage using an iframe.
  • Chatbubble: Add the chatbot as a floating chat bubble using embeddable JavaScript.
  • WordPress Plugin: Quickly integrate the chatbot into WordPress sites using Sharuai’s custom plugin.

Sharuai enhances customer service by providing quick, automated responses to user queries, reducing response time and workload on human agents. Its ability to generate tickets and handle emails also ensures that no customer inquiry goes unanswered, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Sharuai is versatile enough to benefit a wide range of businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations. Its scalability and ease of integration make it suitable for any business looking to improve its online customer interaction.

  • Message credits represent a unit of usage for interacting with the chatbot or other certain services. your account.
  • Message credits are calculated based on the AI model used to process the interaction. More complex AI models and certain services might require more credits.

The rates are:

Only 10 message credits/message delivered, regardless of any model, if you have your own API key (BYOK model).


For non BYOK:

Chat GPT-3-Turbo – 50 message credits/answer generated

Chat GPT-4 – 500 message credits/answer generated

Chat GPT-3-Turbo – 50 message credits/answer generated

Claude-3-haiku – 50 message credits/answer generated

Claude-3-sonnet – 500 message credits/answer generated

Claude-3-opus – 1,000 message credits/answer generated

Live chat – 5 message credits/message delivered

Advance intent – 10 message credits/intent triggered

Email – 10 message credits/email sent

You can always get additional message credits according to your usage.

Login to your account -> Navigate to https://xbot.sharurai.com/plans -> Get credits based on your requirements.

If you use your own OpenAI API key, messages sent and received through that key are charged at a flat rate of 10 message credits per message. This rate applies regardless of which OpenAI model you’re using.

The 10 credit/message rate applies when using your own OpenAI API key with OpenAI models like GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. It does not apply to Claude models, which follow the original credit system.

Yes, you can switch at any time. When using the platform’s credits, the credit rate varies by AI model. When using your own OpenAI API key, the rate is fixed at 10 credits per message.

No, using your own OpenAI API key does not incur additional charges beyond the standard credit rate of 10 credits per message.

When using your own OpenAI API key, you’re responsible for ensuring it has sufficient usage limits and adheres to OpenAI’s terms of service. The platform is not responsible for usage limits or additional costs associated with your OpenAI account.

Login to your account -> Got to your profile -> Set your OpenAI API key

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