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Interact with SharurAI Xbot


Input Processing

The Chatbot Receives User's Message Or Query And Uses NLP


Holistic Perception

The chatbot now anlayzes old conversation and look into its knowledge base for gathering information


Generate Response

With the help LLM, the chatbot generates response


Message Delivery

Chatbot then delivers the generated message to the end user.

Explore The Feautres Of SharurAI Xbot


Find your customer's intent

With SharurAI Xbot, you can find what your customers are actually looking for and recommend products accordingly. It increases your sales and engagement.

Live insight visuals on Dashboard

The Live Insight Visuals feature on the Sharur AI Chatbot dashboard provides real-time graphical representations of user interactions and chatbot performance, enabling quick and easy monitoring and analysis in a glance.


Customize behaviour and appearance

Customize Sharur AI chatbot's behavior and appearance to suit your needs and brand identity, offering a tailored conversational experience that aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience.

Collect leads

SharurAI chatbot simplifies lead collection with easy drag-and-drop form creation, streamlining data capture for efficient customer engagement.

lead form
multi document

Multi document and URL support

Sharur AI Chatbot's knowledge base seamlessly integrates various document formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX) and web content (URL), offering a comprehensive repository for information retrieval and enhanced user interactions.

Customizable Knowledge Bases

Easily create, customize and switch between your knowledge bases. Use your Notion account integration to get additional advantage.

knowledge base

Multi language support

Multi-language support in customer service is crucial for global reach. With Sharur AI chatbot, seamless multilingual interactions enhance user experience, ensuring efficient question-answer exchanges across diverse languages.


Multi channel support

Multi-channel support with SharurAI chatbot seamlessly integrates platforms like WordPress, WhatsApp, Zapier, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, web, Slack, and Waspnote, ensuring efficient communication and engagement across diverse channels for enhanced customer interactions and business growth.

Whatsapp, Shopify, WooCommerce and Slack are Comming Soon..

SharurAI API

SharurAI offers a dedicated API for each chatbot, empowering developers to create custom solutions. This feature enables seamless integration of chatbots into various applications, websites, and services, expanding their functionality and tailoring them to specific user needs. It fosters innovation and versatility in AI-driven interactions.

Comming Soon...



or $549/year


βœ” 2,000 Message credits
βœ” 2 Chatbots/month
βœ” 200K words/month
βœ” 1 Intent/chatbot
βœ” Advance analytics
βœ” Mailchimp integration
βœ” Notion integration

or $1,099/year


βœ” 5,000 Message credits
βœ” 5 Chatbots/month
βœ” 500K words/month
βœ” 3 Intents/chatbot
βœ” Advance analytics
βœ” Mailchimp integration
βœ” Notion integration
βœ”Slack integration coming soon...
βœ” Whatsapp integration coming soon...
βœ” Messager integration coming soon...5

or $4,299/year


βœ” 20,000 Message credits
βœ” 20 Chatbots/month
βœ” 1 Million words/month
βœ” 20 Intent
βœ” Advance analytics
βœ” Mailchimp integration
βœ” Notion integration
βœ”Slack integration coming soon...
βœ” Whatsapp integration coming soon...
βœ” Messager integration coming soon...


βœ” 15 Message credits
βœ” 1 Chatbots/month
βœ” 5,000 words/month
βœ” 1 Intent/chatbot

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$10/1K messages
On demand

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